Our company

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI was established 30 years ago in Cavriago, a small town in Reggio Emilia, with the purpose of providing veterinarians and clinics of the sector with all the equipment and tools necessary to allow them to help, treat, and take care of animals.

For 30 years, Loredana Borghi’s love for four-legged friends and entrepreneurship have contributed to starting an activity which is first of its kind in Italy. The company stands out for its commitment to its projects and its desire to adopt state-of-the-art techniques in order to increasingly improve products’ quality.

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI is focused on the design, production, and maintenance of professional and cutting-edge tools, equipment, and facilities for the veterinary sector. The firm’s trained and skilled staff always pays attention to customers’ requests to find the best solution for their needs.


Know-how and expertise

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI was set up with the aim to support veterinarians and other experts in the field in their daily work by designing and creating top-quality products and items. The company bases its activity on the conception, development, and construction of equipment, health devices, and facilities needed in operating theaters, consulting rooms, and veterinary clinics and conceived to allow veterinarians to take care of animals’ well-being.

The experience gained in over 30 years of work and the continuing education promoted in order to improve and update the staff’s skills make LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI a reference point in the veterinary field both in Italy and abroad.

Versatility and customisation

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI offers customers a wide range of professional products and is able to meet any demand of the veterinary field operators by creating advanced, functional, and safe tools and equipment.

The company produces any kind of necessary item for the dog world and veterinary clinics, such as cages, tables, baths, pieces of furniture and facilities, that are essential for animals’ surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and care. Furthermore, the firm’s team has conceived devices and products for professional grooming, creating a full-fledged high-quality cosmetics line for our four-legged friends. Thanks to the company’s departments, in charge of the entire process of items’ design, production, and maintenance, LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI develops customised projects to meet customers’ specific needs.

The staff carries out complex tailor-made works involving the arrangement of entire veterinary clinics, included operating theaters and other rooms, special-purpose vehicles and dogs’ shelters.


Our remarkable inventions

Continuous research, employment of top-quality components, and understanding of customers’ needs represent LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI’s strengths. The company has been working earnestly and with thoroughness to produce functional, durable, and versatile tools, facilities, and devices necessary for professionals operating in the veterinary sector.

The firm’s staff is specialised in the design, creation, and arrangement of all the spaces inside veterinary clinics. Besides, their know-how and expertise allow them to conceive all the equipment and appliances to be placed in special-purpose vehicles and dogs’ shelters. In this regard, LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI has had the honor of setting up the first mobile operating room for animals, then given to the Genoa fire department and made available to other Italian dog units too. The company has also created the tools and facilities to arrange Europe’s largest veterinary clinic, located in Padua.

By carrying out activities to perfection, developing cutting-edge devices, and conceiving customised projects, LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI plays a key role in the veterinary sector worldwide.



Equipment for veterinarians and dogs’ rehabilitation

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI produces different kinds of tools and facilities necessary for checkups, surgery, and diagnostic tests for dogs.


Products for dogs’ professional hygiene

The company’s team develops advanced tools and devices to wash, cut, and brush dogs’ fur and take care of their whole body.


Special-purpose vehicles and dogs’ shelters

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI plans the arrangement of the elements to be placed inside special-purpose vehicles and dogs’ shelters.


Tailor-made designs and 3D space rendering

The company’s trained staff provides a complete service to customers to set up the spaces for veterinary clinics with top-quality items.

Cosmetics line

Dog Beauty & Care
by Lory

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI has created a cosmetics line specifically thought for taking care of our dear four-legged friends’ fur.


Professional accessories and tools for horses

The firm’s personnel develops equipment, facilities, and products needed to check horses’ health conditions and perform surgery.